Ching Yee Ho

By Ching Yee Ho

Daily Markup #333: Gnowbe to boost employability in Singapore with new platform; Hydroleap recognized for environmentally-friendly & economical water tech; Vishal Harnal on investing in Indonesian entrepreneurs

Big benefits with micro-learning Learning just leveled up. 500-backed Gnowbe has launched GnowbeLearn™, one of Singapore’s first subscription-based micro-learning libraries. This launch is a...

Daily Markup #331: Bukalapak revenue up 35%, big contribution by SMEs; Gilmour partnership to increase access to space globally; 500 Southeast Asia to guide founders on sustainability & inclusiveness

Empowering small businesses 500-backed e-commerce platform Bukalapak released its quarterly financial report. It shows that that startup’s offline-to-online business, Mitra Bukalapak, contributed significantly to...

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