Daily Markup #664: CARSOME supports strengthening Malaysia-Indonesia cooperation; joins forces with Electrum to accelerate EV adoption in Indonesia


An integrated platform for inter-country cooperation

  • A familiar, 500-backed team joined the Malaysian Prime Minister’s recent working visit to Jakarta! During the trip, integrated car e-commerce platform CARSOME officially announced their interest to set up operations in Nusantara and to invest in digitalizing its automotive industry.
  • CARSOME also revealed that they are joining forces with Indonesia-based Electrum, a joint venture between TBS and Gojek, that has been tasked to transform the two-wheeled electric vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia as part of the nation’s commitment to its energy transition goals.
  • Under this partnership, the team will contribute to the future of Indonesian mobility by encouraging the adoption of sustainable mobility solutions.
  • On both milestones, Co-founder & Group CEO Eric Cheng said, “CARSOME thanks the Malaysian Government for the opportunity to be amongst front-runners to invest in the growth of Indonesia’s future capital city, Nusantara. We’re well-placed to contribute towards strengthening Nusantara’s automotive ecosystem through digitalisation and to drive talent development and job creation with the establishment of new centers in the capital.”
  • “Our partnership with Electrum will be game-changing. Together, we are exploring options to encourage two-wheeler EV adoption as demand grows for more economical and sustainable mobility solutions to power the nation’s economic growth. As the leading car e-commerce platform with significant operations in Indonesia and the South East Asia region, we will be able to complement Electrum’s growth aspirations to drive EV adoption in Indonesia,” he added.
  • According to Eric, this move signals a new era in CARSOME’s journey as their plans mature to support the anticipated growth in EV adoption across the region.
  • The company has been present in Indonesia since 2017 and currently operates 42 retail centers. The team launched the country’s first CARSOME Certified Lab in 2022 — the largest across its four markets of operation. In the same year, CARSOME Academy, the company’s automotive technical institute, was launched in Jakarta to further increase skilled workforce in the automotive industry.
  • We’re excited for what’s next for CARSOME in Indonesia!
  • Read the full announcement here.


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