Daily Markup #1017: Aerodyne Founder & CEO Kamarul believes in the power of technology to alleviate inequality and hardships for people globally

Photo credit: Aerodyne

Uplifting the world

  • “Having traveled worldwide, I witnessed a spectrum of inequality and hardships. These experiences reinforced my belief in technology’s potential to improve lives and deepened my commitment to empower individuals and expand their freedom,” shared Kamarul A Muhamed, Founder & CEO of 500-backed drone company Aerodyne.
  • Leveraging data and AI-powered analytics, Aerodyne provides drone services to resolve complex challenges, empowering organizations to scale, transform, operate optimally, and increase productivity.
  • One of their key offerings is agricultural intelligence, allowing farmers to increase yield and optimize costs. Drones also bring innovation to logistics, such as deliveries to hard-to-reach areas.
  • Finding talent for the drone industry requires some strategic moves too. “It’s challenging and competitive to find the right talent in this part of the world, but it’s integral as we aim to ensure our standards,” Kamarul explained.
  • “Since 2017, Aerodyne has completed 21 mergers and acquisitions globally, through which we have gained top industry talent. We also focus on capability building and have structured programmes to train our AeroRangers in leadership and technical capabilities,” he added.
  • Aerodyne and Kamarul have received several accolades, most recently being ranked first as Global Drone Service Provider by Drone Industry Insights, Germany, and named TIE-KPMG SEA High Impact Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • Kamarul envisions that Aerodyne will propel a future where innovation intersects with sustainability for societal well-being and economic prosperity, through initiatives promoting food security, education, and logistics accessibility.
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