Daily Markup #932: Chickin to distribute high-quality, affordable feed to farmers; Parcel Perform and DHL partner to deliver the future of e-commerce

Photo credit: Chickin

A feather in the cap

  • To advance the poultry industry and promote sustainable growth for farmers, 500-backed poultry company Chickin partnered with feed company New Hope to produce 200,000 tons of affordable, high-quality feed.
  • New Hope will formulate high-quality chicken feed at a more competitive price while Chickin will support distribution and improve farmer performance through technology.
  • With grade-A feed quality and smart-farming technology, the team hopes to increase productivity and profitability for farmers.
Photo credit: Parcel Perform

Delivering excellence

  • 500-backed logistics platform Parcel Perform and DHL collaborated to eliminate operational friction and deliver the future of e-commerce.
  • The team’s integrated platform offers:
    • A better checkout experience, increasing conversion rates
    • An improved delivery experience, increasing brand loyalty and sales growth through integrated upselling and customer communication
    • Full control of the logistics process, uncovering cost reduction potential
    • A better returns experience that reduces costs and encourages repeat purchases

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  • Cargobase expands to North America, bringing 27% freight cost reduction to enterprise shippers in the U.S. & Canada
  • Prenetics to conduct R&D at the International Space Station to bring advances in aging and longevity to people back on Earth
  • Qarbotech to boost production of their biocompatible organic photosynthesis enhancer by 50x 
  • Naluri publishes Southeast Asia’s largest dataset on mental health, drawing insights from 6 countries across the region
  • Laka was included in the Scale-Up 50 2024 list, showcasing tech scale-ups to watch in the U.K.
  • Retailo announced their alliance with Starlinks, a pivotal partner in their journey towards revolutionizing distribution in Saudi Arabia
  • OhmniLabs strengthens healthcare mission with renowned medical expert joining medical advisory board


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