Daily Markup #851: 500 Global Rise Report illuminate opportunities in the next decade of global technology, and more from this week

Photo credit: 500 Global

Rising together

  • Need a headstart to navigate the next decade of global technology innovation?
  • For over a decade, 500 Global has not only invested in 2,800+ companies across 80 countries, we’ve exchanged research, insights and perspectives with changemakers — including entrepreneurs, investors, operators, academics and policymakers — to continue to hone our investment insights, as well as to further the conversation around uplifting people and economies around the world through entrepreneurship. 
  • We’re sharing it with you in the 500 Global Rise Report: a collection of data, insights and perspectives to invite more stakeholders into the conversation.
  • “We hope the insights and perspectives from this research will spur important discussions among stakeholders — governments, asset allocators, investors, and innovators — to mobilize a broader innovation and development story, and an inclusive one. We want the Rise Report to help more people to win across global economies, and to create lasting change for a better world.” – Khailee Ng, Managing Partner, 500 Global
  • The report covers four narratives on the next decade of global technology – Rise of the Next Internet Users; Rise of the Next Global Companies; Rise of the Next Economies; Rise of the Next Sectors – and addresses some of these questions:
    • How has the global internet user base grown over the last decades?
    • How is this expected to evolve over the next decades?
    • How does growth in internet users drive value creation?
    • Where and how do we think this value will accrue?
    • Is it important for a tech company to operate with a global lens?
    • How does this apply to companies at different stages of growth?
    • Are there insights we can gain from studying the tech giants?
    • Which specific economies should we pay attention to in the next decade?
    • Are there economies outside of economic giants, the US and China, that are positioned for outsized growth?
    • Our analysis surfaced 30 economies that we believe are large, fast-growing and full of potential; we present the Rise 30 Economies.
    • What +$1B sectors rise in each of the Rise 30? And in what sequence do these +$1B sectors emerge?
    • Are there patterns that can be observed across the Rise 30 that can inform the identification of opportunities in other economies?
  • Download the 500 Global Rise Report here.

Other stories you may have missed

  • Mhub partners Malaysian government to enhance national Housing Integrated Management System (HIMS)
  • RedDoorz turns to AI and data analytics to give hotels owners in SE Asia the competitive edge, aims to grow network to 8,000 hotels
  • Terminal 3’s Gary Liu discusses how blockchain tech needs a ‘ChatGPT moment’ to scale enterprise adoption
  • Nodeflair launches scholarship to equip coders with the essential skills to be full-stack software engineers in 4 months
  • Chickin distributed 195B Rupiah (~ USD 12 million) to chicken farmers through PETRUK program with zero non-performing loans  
  • GoTo, the merger of GoJek and Tokopedia, invests US$2.8M in Carousell
  • Merkle Science CEO invited as an expert witness in FTX Court Case
  • FarMart is the first food and agritech company to launch its products on Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) 
  • Laka is a finalist for Insurance Choice Award’s ‘Best Cycle Insurance Provider’, and they need your vote to continue their 6th year winning streak


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