Daily Markup #1027: Can founders and CEOs of deep tech companies be non-technical? Here’s what Adam of Gilmour Space thinks.

Photo credit: Smart Company

Space for everyone

  • Adam Gilmour of 500-backed rocket company Gilmour Space Technologies readily admits he’s not a technical founder. In fact, he believes there are unique advantages founders and leaders like him can bring to tech startups.
  • They can bring a fresh perspective that is crucial for the sector. Adam, who has a background in financial markets, shared that his experience with mathematical formulas in derivatives trading translated unexpectedly well to rocket science.
  • Technical expertise is still crucial. That’s where hiring top-tier talent to bring specialized knowledge to the teams is important.
  • To attract the best people cash), the company must have acompelling mission. For Gilmour Space, Adam shared that the work they do is a great leap for Australia. “There’s only six nations that launch to orbit regularly — and when we go, we’re the seventh. That’s a big deal.”
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