Daily Markup #1024: SUPA and TDCX join forces to help teams overcome the data hurdle and successfully leverage Generative AI

Photo credit: Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Ditch the data dilemma

  • Generative AI (Gen AI) is generating a lot of value across sectors, but many companies are actually not prepared to harness its full potential as they miss a critical first step — data labeling.
  • Sounds mundane? 72% of leading organizations cite that this is one of the top challenges preventing them from scaling AI use cases, while 81% say that the task of training AI with data has been more difficult than expected. This leads to AI projects failing and having low return on investment.
  • To help companies overcome one of the biggest challenges in their AI journey, 500-backed Gen AI-powered data labeling company SUPA is collaborating with TDCX, an award-winning digital customer experience (CX) solutions provider, to label raw data and make it understandable for machine learning algorithms.
  • Mark Koh, Co-founder & CEO of SUPA, shared, “Our platform’s edge lies in our ability to curate and process large training datasets with up to 98% accuracy for labeled data. Achieved through our multi-stage human-in-the-loop approach, this proactive validation process empowers annotators to act as data model teachers, thus minimizing potential errors or routing issues.”
  • “We look forward to tapping TDCX’s global scale and strong network of clients to help more companies unlock the power of their data and transform their operating models for efficiency and growth,” he added.
  • What’s more, SUPA and TDCX are offering a complimentary diagnostic session for companies to understand the opportunities or gaps in their data labeling.
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