Daily Markup #1021: XING Mobility unveils cool, space-saving battery solution for renewable energy applications; extends battery life by 15%

Photo credit: XING Mobility

No more battery blues

  • Great things come in small packages. In 500-backed XING Mobility’s case, it’s the IMMERSIO™ XE50, an energy storage battery solution designed for both renewable energy applications, commercial, and residential uses.
  • The XE50 packs a punch. Offering both safety and performance, it extends battery life by 15% and saves approximately 40% in space and weight, reducing operational costs. It also features superior temperature control for rapid cooldown and immediate recharging.
  • The company’s IMMERSIO™ immersion cooling battery technology is the only Taiwanese battery system to pass the European automotive standards, and a 100,000-kilometer durability test by Japanese automakers.
  • “We’ve demonstrated that our technology meets the highest standards of safety, performance, and reliability in various applications, particularly in energy storage, through partnerships in Norway and Taiwan,” shared Royce YC Hong, Co-founder & CEO.
  • “The launch of the IMMERSIO™ XE50 marks our exciting entry into the global energy storage market, offering substantial advancements in safety and efficiency for energy storage systems. We’re committed to driving the energy transition forward with efficient, sustainable, and reliable immersion cooling solutions,” he added.
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