Daily Markup #1020: Transcelestial partners Axiom Space to redefine space communications for government and businesses in Southeast Asia

Photo credit: Transcelestial

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  • 500-backed Transcelestial is bringing their superfast wireless Internet to space! They are collaborating with Axiom Space, a private infrastructure company building the world’s first commercial space station, to develop space-based cloud infrastructure interoperability using optical intersatellite links.
  • Transcelestial Co-founder & CEO Rohit Jha shared this will allow for greater bandwidth, enabling the transmission of larger volumes of data and supporting more complex and data-intensive applications. Laser links also provide a higher level of security as laser signals are difficult to intercept.
  • “Axiom Space is joining us to take a monumental leap forward in the realm of space communications. This collaboration symbolizes our shared vision of a world where communication networks in Earth’s orbit can revolutionize industries, empower societies, and transcend the limits of terrestrial capabilities,” he added.
  • “Together, we’re pioneering a future where the cosmos becomes our conduit for communication, unlocking boundless opportunities and propelling humanity into a new era of possibility,” he added.
  • Under the agreement, they will collaborate on developing and conducting demonstrations, share technical knowledge, data, and expertise, as well as coordinate with government agencies to ensure alignment with operational requirements and interoperability standards.
  • Read the full interview on e27.


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