Daily Markup #1019: Pandai unlocks the power of learning on mobile with AI, helping students boost their grades

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  • Deep into the COVID-19 pandemic, 500-backed startup Pandai emerged in 2020 aiming to help students keep up with learning.
  • Today, the app is going strong. Pandai, which offers a comprehensive suite of tools, including interactive live tuition, practice exercises, quizzes, and multimedia content, recently launched an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered ‘study buddy’ called Ask PBot, which assists students with both academic and non-academic inquiries.
  • The team has also been developing their own AI suite of tools called PandaiAI, which aims to provide personalized education. Co-founder & COO Suhaimi Ramly shared that their adaptive algorithms tap into user interactions, performance metrics, and learning patterns.
  • Other app features include Pandai Personality, a psychometric tool that measures students’ inclinations and interests, recommending study methods, careers and courses, and Pandai University Matching, which matches students with potential courses, universities, and scholarships based on their results and socio-economic background.
  • Covering subjects in Bahasa Malaysia, English, and Mandarin, the app’s adaptive learning tools adjust difficulty levels based on individual progress, identifying and addressing students’ weaknesses.
  • Since their launch, Pandai has expanded to other Southeast Asian markets, localizing content to match national curricula like Brunei’s. Suhaimi revealed that the team is planning to map their platform to other international curriculum and standards.
  • To date, over 850,000 students in Malaysia have used the app, answering more than 500 million questions on the app.
  • Pandai app user Norasyikin Jamaluddin shared that her youngest son, who never received any academic awards from school prior to using the app, earned two Best Subject awards in 2022 and six in 2023.
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