Daily Markup #1018: Top stories in June on US$33M raised for human and pet food, four 500-backed founders featured on Tatler, and more

Fish, farming, and furry friends — this month, funding is all about food. eFishery netted a green and social loan to empower more fish farmers, FarMart raised US$2.8M to increase food security with lower carbon emissions, and Notti bags US$500K to create high-quality pet food for dogs and cats across Southeast Asia.

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Photo credit: Ksenia Chernaya
  • eFishery reels in US$30M green and social loan from HSBC to expand fleet of AIoT-powered eFeeders for small-scale fish farmers
  • FarMart raises US$2.8M to supercharge efforts towards a carbon-efficient supply chain for a food-secure world
  • Notti bags US$500K to improve pet health with premium quality food; reaching more pet lovers in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines
  • iMotorbike, Involve Asia, Prefer, and Qarbotech co-founders honored on Tatler’s 2024 Gen.T Leaders of Tomorrow
  • Merkle Science acquires Miami startup that aims to be the ultimate line of defense for crypto using real-time technology
  • Kata.ai joins forces with Google Cloud and Metrodata to develop more adaptive and intuitive chatbots powered by Gen AI
  • Transcelestial overcomes harsh marine conditions to provide reliable and uninterrupted superfast Internet in Taiwan
  • Grab and OpenAI to develop AI solutions to improve accessibility, customer service, and mapping for Grab users and employees
  • Haulio and Matchlog partner to deliver lower carbon emissions and increase logistics efficiency across Southeast Asia
  • Dagangan taps into community education and direct partnerships to uplift warung owners in rural Indonesia
  • Mercu’s AI-powered solution shortens Decathlon’s hiring time from 30 days to just 7, saving hundreds of hours
  • Qarbotech one of top winners at AIM Startup Pitch Competition in Abu Dhabi; showcased SE Asia’s agritech to a global audience
  • NewCampus’ evolution from championing alternative career paths to investing in education businesses, all in the name of good
  • Aerodyne Founder & CEO Kamarul believes in the power of technology to alleviate inequality and hardships for people globally
  • abillion’s 12 million+ users is just the beginning of the team’s journey to make sustainable living a way of life
  • Carsome on the importance of maintaining the startup mindset to remain agile and responsive, 9 years on

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