Daily Markup #998: TheNoor appoints new Chairman to expand the app to the Middle East; to build AI system to answer users’ questions

Photo credit: Digital News Asia

Spirituality and technology meet

  • 500-backed Muslim lifestyle app TheNoor will soon be on mobile phones across the Middle East! 
  • The company appointed former Malaysian Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr. Zulkifli al-Bakri as their new Chairman, who will guide TheNoor into its next phase of growth and expansion.
  • Dr. Zulkifli’s extensive network and influence in the Islamic world will be instrumental in building strategic partnerships and navigating regulatory frameworks in the Middle East.
  • TheNoor also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Maktabah al-Bakri to collaborate on developing an artificial intelligence (AI) system for religious questions and answers in the Malay language.
  • Both companies shared that this is the first initiative of its kind in Malaysia and around the world.
  • The collaboration symbolizes the commitment of both parties to combine religion with technological excellence in expanding access and understanding of Islam.
  • Mohd Izzairi Yamin, CEO of TheNoor added, “The opportunity to collaborate with Maktabah al-Bakri is a recognition by prominent figures such as Zulkifli for TheNoor’s efforts for the community.”
  • Read the full story on Digital News Asia.


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