Daily Markup #990: Carousell brings circular beauty to skincare enthusiasts with Skin Inc devices at 60% cheaper than new devices

Photo credit: Marketing-Interactive

Better skin, better earth

  • 500-backed recommerce platform Carousell partners with AI-powered skincare brand Skin Inc Supplement Bar to tackle electronic waste and promote circular beauty.
  • The refurbished devices will cost around 60% less than a brand-new device. The bonus? Skincare is also becoming more sustainable — Skin Inc will sell refurbished units of its devices on the platform under the name ‘Skin Inc Reboot’.
  • This is welcome news considering Singaporeans generate about 60,000 tonnes of e-waste annually which is equivalent to each person discarding around 73 mobile phones. Out of this amount, only 6% are recycled.
  • “We are proud to partner with fellow local brands to advance our mission of making secondhand the first choice for everyone,” shared Siu Rui Quek, Co-founder & CEO of Carousell Group.
  • “Younger consumers have been seeking out more sustainable beauty options, and ‘Skin Inc Reboot’ is a timely response to both consumer demand as well as the critical need to reduce e-waste,” he added.
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