Daily Markup #987: OhmniLab’s telepresence robots poised to tackle staffing shortages at senior living communities

Photo credit: OhmniLabs

A golden solution for the golden years

  • Senior living communities in the United States are currently facing staffing shortages, with many expressing concerns about potential closures. This calls for an urgent solution to tackle staffing challenges, so seniors will continue to receive the care they need.
  • A study by the University of New Hampshire explored the usage of the Ohmni Telepresence Robot over the course of a 5 week wellness program at a retirement facility that showcased the potential of telepresence technology in elderly care.
  • Researchers found that the telepresence robot has the potential to positively connect individuals, which can be utilized to facilitate the promotion of social connections, delivery of health services and aging in place.
  • “Our telepresence technology has the power to bridge distances, foster social connections, and enhance the overall well-being of elderly residents,” shared Dr. Thuc Vu, Co-founder & CEO of 500-backed OhmniLabs.
  • “We are committed to continuing our efforts in developing innovative solutions that address the challenges faced by the senior care industry, ensuring that older adults receive the care and support they deserve,” he added.
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