Daily Markup #977: Top stories in April on funds raised for satellite engine tech, affordable babycare products, credit for MSMEs, and more

We kicked off Q2 2024 with new funds raised for 500-backed companies in spacetech, consumer, and fintech! In Singapore, the Aliena team is busy expanding their unique satellite propulsion engine technology to the rest of the world, while Malaysia-headquartered Applecrumby is providing parents with peace of mind with their affordable, high-quality babycare products. Meanwhile, Seedflex is on its way to empowering over 7 million MSMEs with easier access to credit.

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Photo credit: NASA on Unsplash
  • Aliena lands US$5.6M to boost satellite propulsion engine production and upgrade testing facility to serve more people globally
  • Applecrumby raises US$4.2M to bring affordable, high quality, chemical-free babycare products to parents in 20 countries
  • Seedflex raises seed funding to help 7M+ MSMEs gain easier access to credit across SE Asia, starting in Malaysia
  • Laka raises funding to expand their micromobility insurance solution, bring transparency and restore the spirit of community
  • Una Brands reaches EBITDA profitability with optimal organizational structure and a 2x surge in TikTok Shop revenue in Indonesia
  • First Move invests in 10 early-stage startups in SE Asia focusing on affordability, financial inclusion, and circular economy
  • Carousell acquires LuxLexicon to give luxury shoppers a wider selection of authenticated premium resale bags and peace of mind
  • Tips from 500 Global’s Khailee Ng on playing the long game, looking at the right numbers, and questioning basic assumptions
  • SUPA supercharges recycling by cutting down start up time from 2-3 weeks to 24 hours, decreasing the environmental impact of waste
  • iPrice partners 3Cat to encourage the adoption of secondhand electronics to combat the growth of toxic e-waste
  • Carousell partners Decathlon to launch store for secondhand bicycles with new B2B solution
  • Hydroleap partners AWS to pilot a water recycling system in Singapore, with plans to scale across Asia Pacific
  • Neuron Mobility e-scooters ride their way into New Zealand’s heart, bringing inclusivity, environmental and economic benefits
  • WORQ launches 8th co-working space to increase the connectivity of urban spaces; raising a US$8M+ Series B to fuel growth
  • Boxo partners Saudi real estate developer ROSHN Group to build superapp that enhances residents’ quality of life and vendors’ growth
  • Meals in Minutes packs nutrition and convenience in effortless gourmet meal kits for “terrible cooks”, aspiring chefs, and F&B biz
  • BloomThis combines tech and emotions to modernize the timeless tradition of gifting

Other stories you may have missed:

  • 500 Global Managing Partner Khailee Ng, Aerodyne Group Founder & Group CEO Kamarul A Muhamed, and Country Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS) Malaysia and Emerging Markets Peter Murray break down the importance of establishing partnerships for tech startups, the challenges faced by entrepreneurs within this space, and the future of Malaysia’s tech startup ecosystem
  • eFishery partnered Indonesian lender Amar Bank to provide ~US$6.3M in financing to their farmers
  • URBANMETRY is shaping the future of the Rapid Bus service in Klang Valley by pioneering a demand-driven bus network planning tool to revolutionize urban mobility


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