Daily Markup #975: SUPA supercharges recycling by cutting down start up time from 2-3 weeks to 24 hours, decreasing the environmental impact of waste

Photo credit: SUPA

SUPAcharging recycling

  • Sorting recyclable waste at home is a simple, straightforward task, but imagine doing it on a much larger scale – say, for entire neighborhoods and even cities. At this level, recyclers rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to do the sorting.
  • 500-backed AI infrastructure provider SUPA is supercharging the work of waste intelligence company Greyparrot, enabling them to improve recycling efficiency and decrease the environmental impact of waste.
  • By expanding Greyparrot’s waste recognition library from 49 to 89 categories, this allows more granular analysis of waste streams, which produces insights to further expand their use cases and advance sustainability throughout the entire waste value chain, from waste prevention to proper disposal.
  • This also gives Greyparrot 100% visibility into waste streams at recycling plants across 14 countries using AI camera systems to maximize resource recovery.
  • What’s more, SUPA’s data automation infrastructure reduces typical start up time from 2-3 weeks to 24 hours without compromising on data quality.
  • “At SUPA, I believe that you cannot build great tech without great people and partnerships. It’s been exciting growing alongside Greyparrot, and I look forward to our continued collaboration and success,” shared Mark Koh, CEO & Co-founder of SUPA.
  • Read the full story here.

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