Daily Markup #964: WORQ launches 8th co-working space to increase the connectivity of urban spaces; raising a US$8M+ Series B to fuel growth

Photo credit: TechNode Global

A connected city

  • This 500-backed team has been busy at WORQ. After launching their 8th co-working space in Malaysia spanning 20,000 sq ft with 100% occupancy, they are now raising a US$8.46M Series B.
  • This new outlet brings their ‘space under management’ to 200,000 sq ft, and is the 7th that is connected to the intercity transit rail system.
  • Co-founder & CEO Stephanie Ping shared, “We are building our outlets on train lines and it is an infrastructure of a network of offices within 10 minutes [of] where you are. Many of our coworking members have switched from driving to taking the trains to work, and are more productive now.”
  • What’s more, the new outlet is more sustainable too with most of the fittings upcycled from a previous retail space, and about only 20% additional renovation work done.
  • WORQ’s flexible spaces and advanced amenities benefit both multinational corporations (MNCs) and small businesses.
  • Stephanie explained that local entrepreneurs value the supportive community offered by coworking spaces, fostering valuable connections, knowledge sharing, and collaboration — all crucial for their growth and development.
  • Meanwhile, MNCs can leverage on their scalability and convenience, allowing them to easily adjust their workspace needs as teams evolve.
  • Read the full story on TechNode Global.


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