Daily Markup #956: eFishery acquihires AI IoT startup to ramp up their expansion; 10 new products in the pipeline

Photo credit: eFishery

Joining the eFamily

  • 500-backed eFishery is leveling up on AI (artificial intelligence) with their latest move — acquihiring DycodeX, an Indonesian AI-powered IoT (Internet of Things) startup.
  • This will enable the team to expand their AI plans, which includes an upcoming brand called eFishery.ai. DycodeX co-founder and CEO Andri Yadi will lead the team as vice president.
  • eFishery is planning a 2-3 year roadmap and they aim to launch 10 new products such as IoT products and platforms, a generative AI product, as well as other aquaculture intelligence solutions.
  • “Andri Yadi and his team can strengthen and accelerate the implementation of AI and IoT in the eFishery ecosystem,” shared Founder & CEO Gibran Huzaifah, adding that the product development cycle is expected to be 3x to 4x faster.
  • Read the full story on Tech in Asia.


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