Daily Markup #955: Aerodyne launches Aerodyne Flight Institute to equip talent with critical and competitive skills in drone services

Photo credit: Digital News Asia

Building the next generation

  • Since 2022, 500-backed drone services company Aerodyne has trained over 1,000 certified drone pilots and data professionals.
  • This number will continue to grow with more experts and specialists entering the workforce, thanks to the launch of Aerodyne Flight Institute (AFI).
  • “At AFI, we are setting the stage to become the foremost center for artificial intelligence (AI), data, and drone education, training, and research, with aspirations to be recognized both regionally and globally,” shared Founder & Group CEO Kamarul A Muhamed, adding that they aim to nurture a new wave of competitive, industry-ready talents.
  • With an industry-driven curriculum covering emerging fields such as AI, big data analytics, cybersecurity, and cloud computing, the team believes that AFI embodies their vision to empower the next generation with critical skills for key domains.
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