Daily Markup #951: iMotorbike Co-founder Sharmeen Looi leads the charge in creating an inclusive environment in a male-dominated industry

Photo credit: iMotorbike

Gearing up for diversity

  • The team at 500-backed pre-owned motorbike platform iMotorbike is made up of 20% women, a significant jump from 8% just last quarter.
  • The company is committed to narrow the gender gap and foster a more inclusive environment, shared Co-founder & CMO Sharmeen Looi. To achieve this, they provide support, resources, and opportunities for women to thrive within the organization.
  • There is also a gender gap when it comes to their customers. Interestingly, their web audience is made up of 35% women, while they only contribute to 12% of purchases. This shows that there is interest and potential to convert them into buyers.
  • Sharmeen explained that the lack of products for women in the motorcycle industry is one reason. Many female riders face limited options when it comes to gear and accessories as products are often designed for male riders.
  • “This lack of inclusivity undermines the diversity of riders and hinders the overall experience and safety of female enthusiasts,” she elaborated.
  • How is iMotorbike attracting female riders? The company curates motorcycles for women, encourages female employees to learn to ride, and provides relevant classes and workshops.
  • “The visibility of having a female founder, such as myself, undoubtedly helps in this effort,” Sharmeen said. “My presence sends a powerful message that women belong in the world of motorcycling and that their voices and experiences are valued.”
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