Daily Markup #931: Naluri publishes Southeast Asia’s largest dataset on mental health, drawing insights on 6 countries across the region

Photo credit: Naluri

Insights for improvement

  • Knowledge is power, and 500-backed digital health company Naluri published a powerful report — Southeast Asia’s Largest Dataset 2023, aimed at reducing the stigma of mental health concerns, encouraging early intervention, and bolstering community support.
  • The team drew insights from over 56,000 participants across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, collecting a significant dataset that sheds light on key mental health challenges and opportunities for improvement.
  • The team discovered several reasons that continue to contribute to depression, anxiety, and stress:
    • Economic instability has left many Malaysians with no source of income and existing employees overburdened, leading to hostile work environments and a lack of work-life balance
    • Cost of living has skyrocketed in Singapore, reducing financial stability and increasing mental unrest
    • Mental wellbeing improved the most in Thailand, with the new generation of Thais prioritizing their mental health and work-life balance
    • In addition to higher work pressure, poor leadership, and increases inflation, a relatively new issue is plaguing Indonesians: increased debt
    • Filipinos face toxic work environments and low salaries, and mental health issues continue to be a stigma in society, but a new initiative spearheaded by the government and World Health Organization (WHO) aims to enhance wellbeing nationwide
    • In Vietnam, employees face high-performance work environments, generational gaps in the working population, and increased cost of living without increased pay
  • Naluri’s findings aim to inform and inspire industry leaders to take meaningful actions that foster a healthier, more supportive environment for all.
  • Get the full insights and organizational strategies to promote mental health here.


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