Daily Markup #930: Qarbotech to boost production of their biocompatible organic photosynthesis enhancer by 50x

Photo credit: Qarbotech

Qarbocharging growth

  • Following their seed funding round, 500-backed agritech startup Qarbotech is now looking to establish a 3,000 sqft pilot plant to ramp up production of their photosynthesis enhancer from 2,000L to 100,000L per month.
  • The solution contains compounds similar to chlorophyll and increases the photosynthesis rate of leafy plants. This boosts agricultural productivity, increasing crop yields by up to 60%.
  • Co-founder & CEO Chee Hoe Chor shared, “We are the first in the world to have this kind of photosynthesis enhancement through a material that helps the plant capture more light. In the past, a lot of researchers worked on very complicated biotechnology and even genetically modified seeds and other methods to augment or change the photosynthesis rate.”
  • He added that their approach is biocompatible due to its sustainable and organic nature, making it safe for direct use in agriculture and food production.
  • Chee Hoe revealed that the company currently has orders totalling 30,000L primarily from Malaysia and Singapore. He expects to fulfill the remaining 70% of orders through Indonesian partners.
  • “We’ve partnered with three entities in Singapore and three in Indonesia to conduct trials. Once completed, we’ll present the data to the Indonesian government. We aim to commercialize our product in Indonesia by the end of this year,” he said.
  • They also collaborate with fellow 500-backed company Aerodyne to spray their solution in paddy fields.
  • Qarbotech plans to expand internationally, including to China, Zambia, Europe, and the U.S.
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