Daily Markup #928: Cargobase expands to North America, bringing 27% freight cost reduction to enterprise shippers in the U.S. & Canada

Photo credit: Cargobase

New year, new office

  • Shipping efficiency from a newly established office is 500-backed logistics company Cargobase, which has chosen Detroit as home for their U.S. and Canada headquarters.
  • The team’s Transportation Management System outperforms the industry standard by consistently delivering 27% in freight cost reduction, with a swift 4-6 months implementation process. 
  • “We are excited to call Detroit our home base for our expansion in North America, alongside our office in Mexico. We see immense potential not only within automotive, but also aerospace, machinery, and battery production, and we recognize the talent and superb quality of life the region offers,” shared Henry Julicher, Head of Sales USA & Canada.
  • “The Cargobase platform is constantly evolving and adding value to our customers by simplifying their logistics flows and using real-time data to provide transparency and accountability, and we plan to bring these benefits to shippers all across North America,” he added.
  • CEO Wiebe Helder said, “While our presence in Detroit may be new, our technology is tested and proven. For the past 10 years, our solution has helped automotive manufacturers in Detroit drive down freight costs and optimize logistics operations. We look forward to deepening our engagement with existing customers and forging new relationships beyond the automotive sector.”
  • Read the full announcement here.


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