Daily Markup #925: SOLS Energy launches new subscription program to empower households with affordable renewable energy solutions

Photo credit: SOLS Energy

A green powerhouse

  • Going green can sometimes be hard on the wallet, but 500-backed solar energy solution provider SOLS Energy is offering an accessible way to empower households across West Malaysia to be more sustainable while reducing their electricity bills.
  • The team’s new Home Solar Subscription program was launched to address the growing need for affordable renewable energy solutions. By partnering with Malaysian clean energy solutions provider Gentari, the program eliminates upfront costs traditionally associated with solar installations.
  • After installation, homeowners can immediately enjoy the benefits of solar energy without the burden of loans or credit card installments.
  • Key advantages they’re bringing to homeowners include:
    • Zero upfront costs: No upfront expenses as SOLS will fully cover the installation cost
    • Instant savings: Subscribers benefit from instant payback periods
    • Zero incurred debt: The program requires no credit card or loan financing
    • Peace of mind: Subscribers receive a complimentary 20-year solar PV hardware warranty
  • “We are committed to helping Malaysian homeowners transition to green energy more affordably and support the Malaysia government’s initiative towards a green energy transition,” shared Teacher Raj Ridvan Singh, Founder & CEO.
  • “By removing financial barriers and simplifying the process, we are democratizing solar energy and enabling homeowners to contribute to a sustainable future, while also creating green jobs for youth from the Orang Asli and Orang Asal backgrounds,” he added.
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