Daily Markup #924: Meals in Minutes addresses the food waste problem with flash-frozen gourmet meals that have a 1.5yrs shelf-life

Photo credit: Meals in Minutes

Healthy fast food, anyone?

  • In Singapore, food waste accounts for approximately 11% of total waste. In Malaysia, 8.3 million metric tonnes of food waste is generated annually. What can a food company do to address this?
  • 500-backed Meals in Minutes offers flash-frozen meals in convenient portions to minimize potential food waste, catering to both busy individuals and F&B businesses.
  • How? By flash-freezing meals at their freshest point and storing it in frozen until ready to be consumed, the meals have a shelf-life of 18 months from production. 
  • The individually packed meals mean that consumers can better control their portion sizes, resulting in a healthier diet and less leftover food.
  • “By serving our portioned meals, restaurants can more accurately estimate the food needed for each order, minimizing excess production and subsequent waste. Furthermore, individually packed meals allow for better inventory management, as leftovers can be easily repurposed or donated, reducing food waste even further,” shared Co-founder Brandon Lim.
  • The bonus? A gourmet dining experience can be prepared in 15 minutes or less with high-quality, clean, and nutritious meals, cutting out the hassle and the need for culinary skills.
  • The team plans to make Meals in Minutes more accessible across Malaysia and Singapore by expanding into additional stores and restaurants, as well as reaching out to the hospitality and healthcare industries.
  • “Our mission is to become a global household meal kit brand,” Brandon said.
  • Meals In Minutes collaborated with German firm CleanHub to collect plastic waste for each product sold. Co-founder Khiara Mia shared, “Our brand also champions a minimalist packaging approach to diminish unnecessary waste and mitigate environmental impact significantly.”
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