Daily Markup #921: MYCL co-develops the Shrüm Stool, a carbon-negative furniture piece made of mushroom which withstands up to 290x its weight

Photo credit: The Jakarta Post

Fungi furniture

  • You may want to sit down for this — 500-backed biotech company Mycotech Lab (MYCL) is getting even more innovative with mushrooms. This time, collaborating with an architecture studio for the Shrüm Stool.
  • The stool is made of MYCL Composite, a biodegradable solid-composite material made of mushroom mycelium. It’s a modular eco-friendly stool that can carry an impressive weight of up to 870kg, while being only 3kg itself. It is also carbon negative!
  • Since the company’s inception in 2012, MYCL has created various products based on the mushroom fiber. They developed Mylea, a synthetic leather-like material, grown from mycelium substrate that utilizes agricultural waste. 
  • Mylea has gained global recognition, including the Japanese Good Design Award in 2023, and has been adopted by several brands such as Hijack Sandals and Doublet, with the latter utilizing Mylea in its fall/winter collection during Paris Fashion Week 2023.
  • “Collaboration is in our blood; like mycelium itself, our identity is to network and connect structures to create strong bonds. So, we want to open ourselves to invite creatives to use our material in new innovative ways,” explained Ronaldiaz Hartantyo, Chief Innovation Officer Development of MYCL.
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