Daily Markup #920: WORQ expands co-working space near train station to encourage greener commute, and beats industry average to achieve full occupancy

Photo credit: The Edge

A green opening

  • Congratulations to WORQ for their co-working space expansion at Menara 1, and for  having the new space fully occupied! The team has taken up an additional 7,200 sqft from the existing 34,000 sqft. 
  • A remarkable achievement as WORQ’s metric to achieve full occupancy for their new locations has improved drastically to just two months after launch — the industry average for achieving full occupancy is 12 months. The new space is leased by Datacom Systems and WithSecure, a New Zealand-based IT service company and a Helsinki-based IT security company respectively.
  • The space is located in a green building, contributing to environmental sustainability, and also cultivates a more vibrant community on-site, leading to higher levels of interaction amongst tenants.
  • Co-founder & CEO of the 500-backed co-working space, Stephanie Ping, shared, “All of our locations are at transit-oriented developments. With this outlet being the biggest now, surpassing the rest, it has become the connecting hub for all our other locations in the Klang Valley.”
  • “When we place our outlets near train stations, the users’ incentive to use trains to commute will jump threefold. This way, we can get more cars off the roads. That’s our plan moving forward and we hope to build a culture for Malaysia just like in other countries such as Japan, where they start to exercise this muscle of using public transportation to commute to work or any other locations,” she revealed.
  • Stephanie added that the company plans to open three new outlets and expand two existing ones this year. WORQ’s longer-term goal is to occupy 450,000 sq ft of co-working space by 2025 and 1 million sq ft by 2028 across Malaysia.
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