Daily Markup #919: Boxgreen serves up healthy snacks and employment opportunities for the marginalized in Singapore

Photo credit: Boxgreen

Healthy, helpful snacks

  • 5,500 companies vied for the first Xero Beautiful Business Fund, a S$620,000 fund offered to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the world to boost their growth in four areas: innovating for sustainability, trailblazing with technology, strengthening community connection, and upskilling for the future.
  • 500-backed Boxgreen, a provider of wholesome snacks such as soy crisps, mushroom chips, dried fruits, nuts, teas and spreads, is one of the honored few!
  • But the team empowers people with more than delicious and healthy eating — they also provide employment opportunities for the underprivileged.
  • How? Boxgreen collaborates with the Yellow Ribbon Project and Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (Minds) to offer training and employment to prison inmates, ex-offenders, and people with special needs.
  • The company has a kitchen facility within Changi Prison, and have plans to open another in a center dedicated to people with special needs.
  • To date, over 210 individuals have gained valuable skills, accumulating more than 64,800 hours of hands-on training.
  • “Work builds dignity and confidence in people and uplifts their lives as well. By working with people in marginalized communities, we believe we make a difference,” shares Co-founder Andrew Lim.
  • Moving forward, the team aims to scale up their community initiatives by launching health and wellness programmes, deepening their support for training and employability in marginalized communities, and fostering a broader understanding of nutritious, healthy eating.
  • Get the full story on The Business Times.


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