Daily Markup #916: Top stories in January on climate-related tech for healthy meals, productive farming, water recycling, efficient batteries, and more

We’re starting off 2024 with big news and love for sustainable efforts — Meals in Minutes’ quick gourmet eats reduces food wastage, Qarbotech’s flagship product boosts farming yields, Hydroleap’s innovation improves wastewater recycling, XING Mobility’s next-generation battery for electric vehicles, and more.

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Photo credit: Megan Thomas on Unsplash
  • Meals in Minutes raises US$1.5M to bring high quality, healthy & sustainable meals to people leading busy lives and F&B businesses
  • Qarbotech lands top prize & new investment for innovation that help farmers improve crop yields by up to 60%
  • 500 Global’s Partner Saemin Ahn shares the opportunities and challenges in SE Asia, and what the region needs to keep growing
  • Hydroleap’s wastewater recycling innovation aims to help Southeast Asia reduce carbon emissions by 33% by 2030
  • XING Mobility’s next-generation immersion cooling battery aims to resolve the anxieties of electric vehicle drivers
  • MYCL evolved from selling edible mushrooms to supplying sustainable materials
  • Carousell shows how buying and selling secondhand avoids carbon emissions, doing the job of 5.3 million trees
  • JALA’s shrimp farming app aims to improve food security while preserving the environment
  • FarMart reduces carbon emissions & food waste, and increases farmers’ financial well-being
  • Atomionics brings a new era of precision and environmental consciousness to resource exploration with its ‘virtual drill’
  • Applecrumby creates safe, natural, and organic baby products for parents’ peace of mind
  • GrabMaps updates action cameras to enhance street navigation and driver-partners’ income
  • Naluri’s co-founder shares how data can create a healthier and more productive workforce
  • eFishery goes global with local playbook to help fish farmers increase productivity and profitability
  • WORQ eyes 1 million sqft of flexible co-working space to nurture a thriving business ecosystem in Malaysia
  • BloomThis’ Co-founder Penny Choo shares what it takes to build a successful e-commerce business in a competitive market

Other stories you may have missed:

  • Shohoz unveiled their latest campaign ‘Highway to Runway’, allowing winners to upgrade their bus tickets to air tickets without any additional charge, reflecting the team’s dedication to providing unique and elevated travel experiences
  • Qarbotech Co-founder & CEO Chee Hoe Chor opened up about his personal struggles with mental health and how he has been dealing with it
  • Grab Malaysia is testing a fare bidding feature where passengers can propose the ride price for drivers to accept or make a counter-offer
  • Virtualtech Frontier immortalizes Borneo heritage in the metaverse for Borneo Culture Festival 2023


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