Daily Markup #885: EST Media launches EST Articles, with ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ screenwriter Adele Lim on its first cover story, and more from this week

Photo credit: Lenne Chai

Untold stories

  • Asian-focused film and video group EST Media  launched EST Articles under its Eastern Standard Times journalism banner.
  • The cover story of the first edition is an interview with Malaysian-born “Crazy Rich Asians” screenwriter Adele Lim!
  • The digital publication is dedicated to exploring the voices and stories of Asian and Asian diaspora communities through written medium to long-form, in-depth pieces.
  • Founded by Jaeson Ma and Eric Tu, EST Media shares that their mission is to shed light on issues relevant to communities of Asian heritage and their global diaspora, bridging gaps and sharing untold stories that resonate with these diverse groups.
  • EST Articles will be free of charge with new stories published every two weeks. The publication will be led by Editor-in-chief and Creative Director Keshia Hannam, who is also the Editor-in-chief of Eastern Standard Times where she heads a team of 20 staff around the world.
  • “EST Articles fills a gap: in-depth written content combining storytelling with cultural nuance specific to the Asian and Asian diaspora communities,” shared Keshia. “As demographics change and globalization makes everything more connected and disconnected simultaneously, our stories are bridges between East and West, within the West, and amongst our own communities. We hope to continue our mission of offering an alternative narrative to the Western media–one that more closely reflects the lived experience of so many people.”
  • Read the full story on Variety.

Stories you may have missed:

  • SepPure tackles a silent polluter with a compact and economically-viable technology that reduces emissions and bills by 90%
  • Grab delivers more than just food in the Philippines; gig work is keeping families fed and businesses running. Grab was also named one of the Philippines’ Best Employers 2024 by the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Statista.
  • Inflow raises US$2M to offer unmatched design-to-production capabilities and small-batch orders to fashion brands of all sizes
  • Boxgreen was awarded the SkillsFuture Gold Award 2023, given to companies dedicated to lifelong learning and investing in their employees’ skills
  • Mycotech Lab seeks new collaborations in Australia to promote their product Mylea, an alternative textile to animal-based leathers in the fashion industry
  • SepPure Founder & CEO Dr. Mohammad Farahani received the Outstanding Young Alumni Award from NUS College of Design & Engineering


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