Daily Markup #880: Transcelestial partners Xaccel to bridge the digital divide with superfast Internet across North America, and more from this week

Photo credit: Transcelestial

Limitless connectivity

  • In 2022, the U.S. government launched a US$45B “Internet for All” initiative to bring affordable, reliable, high-speed internet to everyone across the country.
  • Building on their success in Asia, 500-backed superfast Internet company Transcelestial is rising to the call for high-speed connectivity with their laser communications (lasercomms) solutions for last mile internet broadband.
  • The team is expanding their footprint in the U.S. with a new partnership agreement with technology company Xaccel to introduce wireless lasercomms and Internet solutions to Mobile Network Operators, Internet Service Providers, government, and enterprises across North America.
  • Xaccel will represent and expand CENTAURI’s mass deployment across the United States. The CENTAURI, developed by Transcelestial, creates a highly secure invisible laser communications network between buildings, cell towers, and poles without the need for physical wires, delivering fiber-like speeds at a fraction of the cost and time of fiber optic cable connectivity.
  • This solves one of the main challenges to faster Internet delivery in most large urban network environments, which is the fixed-line infrastructure. While physical fiber cables are common, it can be costly and time-consuming to implement,
  • “The essence of connectivity innovation is not just in creating new technologies, but in making them accessible to the masses. With Xaccel by our side, we’re set to transform the way the U.S. experiences internet connectivity, breaking barriers and setting new standards,” said Rohit Jha, Co-founder & CEO of Transcelestial.
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  • Naluri unveiled their first global partnership with Prudential, a significant milestone for the company
  • Parcel Perform announced a strategic partnership with shipping intelligence company Shipware to give online sellers unparalleled access to delivery data, checkout data, and shipping cost reduction resources
  • Gnowbe and Cargobase were recognized at G2 Awards, winning 7 awards and 2 awards respectively
  • Four 500-backed companies, Gaspack, Grab, Terminal 3, and ZaynFi, were featured on ‘e27’s Southeast Asian Web3 Startups Trailblazers’ List
  • Chickin was named one of top 10 startups in Indonesia by Linkedin


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