Daily Markup #868: Retailo receives US$1.5M investment from South Korean big data firm Dtonic Corporation

Photo credit: Retailo

Two countries, one mission

  • South Korea and Saudi Arabia came together at the Saudi-Korean Investment Forum 2023, and a total of 46 memorandums of understanding (MOU) and contracts were signed in sectors ranging from transportation, tourism, energy, renewable energy, technology, infrastructure, to cybersecurity.
  • These agreements aim to strengthen investments between both countries, reflecting their ongoing efforts towards integration and collaboration.
  • One of them is between 500-backed retail supply chain tech startup Retailo and Dtonic Corporation, a spin-off company from Hyundai Motor Company specializing in big data solutions.
  • Under the Invest Saudi initiative, Dtonic is investing US$1.5M into Retailo, marking a collective step towards achieving a shared mission of digitalizing the retail landscape of Saudi Arabia.
  • Congratulations to the Retailo team!
  • Read the announcement here.


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