Daily Markup #866: ION Mobility is on the road to deliver more than just pollution reduction on two wheels, and more from this week

Photo credit: CNA

Hard tech for hard results

  • 500-backed ION Mobility is known as an e-motorbike startup, but Founder & CEO James Chan’s vision extends beyond an electric motor with a battery on two wheels.
  • He is building a computing platform that aims to deliver more than just air and noise pollution reduction. “We have gone to great lengths to engineer an integrated 7-inch display unit which contains triple computer chips,” he shared. “What that means beyond having a fancy speedometer is ride and vehicle analytics alongside advanced features to achieve our vision of an electric motorcycle with an API.”
  • “We think that we are strongly poised to be in a position to calculate the precise carbon dioxide reduction that we’re taking off the roads with our vehicles,” he added.
  • ION Mobility’s hard technology focuses on a very important issue that is especially prevalent in Southeast Asia — the region is one of the world’s largest market for motorbikes, which emit more pollution per kilometer than cars.
  • So it’s no coincidence that the team’s flagship e-motorbike, the M1-S, was launched in late-2022 in Indonesia, the world’s third largest market with an average of 6 to 6.5 million units sold each year.
  • ION Mobility’s efforts are complemented by the country’s recent focus to accelerate its EV market, opening a window of opportunity. “Indonesia started talking about EV transition policies in 2018. That certainly made me notice electric mobility as the next big thing in Southeast Asia,” James said. 
  • Watch the full interview on CNA.

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