Daily Markup #865: Pandorum Technologies advances to human trials for bio-engineered ‘liquid cornea’, Kuragenx, to cure corneal blindness

Photo credit: Pandorum Technologies

A natural re-vision

  • Approximately 12 million people around the world are waiting for a corneal transplant. The outcomes of these transplants vary in efficacy, further emphasizing the need for better treatment options.
  • This is a problem that 500-backed biotech firm Pandorum Technologies believes they can solve with Kuragenx – a bioengineered liquid cornea designed to stimulate the repair and regeneration of damaged corneal tissue.
  • Once a surgeon removes the diseased tissue, the viscous Kuragenx liquid is administered dropwise into the wound site, solidifies and integrates with the host cornea in a few minutes acting as “scaffolding” epithelial cell growth and sustained exosome release.
  • The first in-human phase 1/2a study of Kuragenx will take place at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Dr Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital from 2024, starting with treatment for a small pool of patients with severe disease.
  • Pandorum is building a pipeline of products to heal damaged tissues, including a mini liver and lung regeneration tissue. “Our goal is to make regenerative medicine a mainstream reality and improve the lives of millions of patients suffering from a wide range of injuries and diseases.” – Tuhin Bhowmick, co-founder of Pandorum Technologies.
  • Read the full feature on Nature.com.


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