Daily Markup #827: Dagangan’s 4-year journey and achievements in improving rural communities in Indonesia

Photo credit: Dagangan

The roads less traveled

  • By optimizing the goods distribution process in rural Indonesia, 500-backed social commerce platform Dagangan eliminates the need for small business owners to travel long distances to restock, reducing their operation costs.
  • Celebrating their 4th anniversary, the five co-founders of Dagangan shared their experience of going from serving one to over 20,000 villages, and empowering over 75,000 MSMEs and warung owners.
  • “I still remember when we all started Dagangan back then. A few years ago, I traveled to Central Java, moving from one village to another visiting every warung (small store) and striving to comprehend and uncover their pain points and challenges. This effort eventually paved the way for Dagangan’s growth to the present day. “ – Maha Willy Chandra, COO Dagangan.
  • Maha Willy also shared about the early challenges they faced: “It all began with forming our initial team in Magelang. We faced infrastructure challenges that lacked support, along with the struggle of addressing the low level of digital literacy within rural communities in Indonesia.” 
  • “Having previously worked in a tech and startup company, it prompted us to consider how we could bring positive impacts to the rural communities in Indonesia. Dagangan has two main focuses in developing our technology – empathy and compassion.” – Andhika Estrada, Chief Technology Officer.
  • “The principle we uphold is “Urip Iku Urup”, which signifies that wherever we are, we bring positive impacts to the communities there.” Adi Wismaya, VP of Business Development, Dagangan.
  • “This journey began in Central Java, and expanded to Yogyakarta, West Java, and East Java. Our objective is to encompass all regions in Java by the year’s end and subsequently extend our reach across Indonesia,” Adi Wismaya, VP of Business Development, Dagangan.
  • “By addressing the pain points faced by more than 100 million people in rural areas, Dagangan has effectively provided economic opportunities for all. Bridging the gap between the urban and rural communities to this day, is one of the strong reasons why Dagangan was established.”  – Maha Willy Chandra, COO Dagangan.
  • Watch the full video here.


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