Daily Markup #787: Vishal Harnal on what makes a good leader and the impact he hopes to see from the next generation of leaders

Credit: 500 Global

Leaders of the Future

  • Managing Partner of 500 Global, Vishal Harnal, shares his thoughts with Tatler Asia on what differentiates great leadership and the impact he hopes to see from next-gen leaders.
  • “Leaders aren’t defined by titles but by their ability to lead,” he said. “The greatest and most differentiated leaders are those that are able to both inspire and execute. They exude confidence, an unwavering determination, and the mental malleability to learn and grow.”
  • He also shared that venture capital is the business of making contrarian decisions, so he naturally gravitates toward founders that challenge conventional thinking.
  • What does he hope to see from the next generation of leaders? “To be able to think beyond their companies and consider their broader impact and responsibility to society. It would be wonderful to see the unrelenting pursuit of business excellence being tempered with humanity and humility,” he shared.
  • Read the full interview on Tatler Asia.


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