Daily Markup #709: VTF launches Malaysia’s first no-code metaverse platform to simplify virtual world-building for brands, and more from this week

Credit: Vulcan Post

Virtual building blocks

  • Setting up your very own metaverse is now a simple click-drag-drop process, thanks to 500-backed metaverse development startup Virtualtech Frontier (VTF). The team just launched their new metaverse creation platform, Mitoworld, which they share is Malaysia’s first no-code metaverse platform.
  • CEO Jason Low explained, “The platform offers a no-code solution that simplifies creating a Metaverse for corporates. We’ve created the platform to be as beginner-friendly as possible, allowing users to create their own avatars and virtual worlds through ready-made blueprints and world-building tools.”
  • This means you no longer need to learn complex coding or hire a Web3 expert to engage in the metaverse.
  • VTF has a bold ambition: to be the next unicorn in Malaysia, and one that employs 100% Malaysian talent.
  • A total of 400 metaverse worlds have been created using Mitoworld with creators coming from diverse backgrounds, from the arts to education.
  • Omega and Nestle are amongst VTF’s clients. The team is also big on collaborations and has partnered companies like Huawei, Hiredly, and Cult Creative.
  • With Cult Creative, VTF launched their first metaverse exhibition, MIRIP: CURATING BEYOND BORDERS on 18 March in conjunction with International Women’s Day.
  • The virtual event gathered some of the most creative talents in Southeast Asia to discuss what it takes to grow the creative economy.
  • Mitoworld currently has two subscription plans: MitoLite, which is free, and MitoPro, which costs US$99.
  • Read the full story on VulcanPost.

Other stories you may have missed:

  • 500 Global & Khazanah Nasional team up to grow Malaysia’s startup ecosystem under US$1.33B Dana Impak commitment
  • 99 Group lands US$11M Series C extension to boost the convenience of property buying and renting for more people
  • Mapan revenue grows over 3x by helping more Indonesians save money and gain access to products
  • Bukalapak aims to help 15M+ businesses turn their trash into treasure through sustainability education
  • OhmniLabs eases healthcare staff shortage in the U.S. with the OhmniClean UV-C robot, which provides effective, automated disinfection proven to outperform non-autonomous methods in hospitals
  • To stop thieves in their tracks, Laka collaborated with PentaLock, making it almost impossible for thieves to remove bicycle locks without damaging the bike
  • Talkpush and DocuSign partner to provide an end-to-end automation solution that makes the recruitment process more efficient and secure
  • LottieFiles announced that its eponymous, flagship product has surpassed the five million user mark


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