Daily Markup #703: Merkle Science teams up with victim support platform to empower crypto businesses with tools to combat cybercrime

Credit: Merkle Science

Strength in partnerships

  • Cybercrime is ever-evolving, but so is 500-backed blockchain forensics and risk management platform Merkle Science. The team announced a strategic partnership with CYBERA, a victim support & response solution that equips crypto businesses with tools to provide help to affected users.
  • Both companies aim to serve as a one-stop shop for clients to protect their organization and victims from financial crime. Together, they will combat the increasing number of hacks, scams, and fraud cases in cryptocurrency. 
  • Merkle Science continues to play a critical role in security by proactively analyzing hacks, conducting investigations, and alerting law enforcement to recover stolen funds. 
  • CYBERA will leverage Merkle Science’s Tracker, a cutting-edge tool that forensically analyzes cryptocurrency transactions, tracks stolen funds, and investigates crime.
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