Daily Markup #700: Aerodyne seals 21st global M&A deal with top drone service provider in Italy to further expand their reach worldwide

Credit: Aerodyne

Familiar territory

  • Congratulations to 500-backed drone enterprise solutions company Aerodyne, whose propellers are truly flying far and wide from their humble beginnings in Malaysia! The team announced their 21st global M&A and 2nd in Italy with their strategic investment in Aiviewgroup, the top drone service provider in Italy.
  • Why join forces with Aiviewgroup? The Italian firm has a strong track record of servicing high-profile clients, especially in infrastructure inspection. What’s more, Aiviewgroup has been hitting an average annual revenue growth of 27.82% over the last three years.
  • In Italy, the commercial drone software and services market is projected to grow to US$595 million (RM2.64 billion) in 2026.
  • Aerodyne plans to leverage Aiviewgroup’s advanced expertise and market access to expand their capabilities and global reach.
  • “Through this partnership, Aiviewgroup will be able to capitalize on our deep and proven track record in drone and data technology for nested drone systems and advanced mobility to expand into new markets, including remote autonomous drone-based solutions, and AI-powered analytics which offer better value to their customers,” said Kamarul A Muhamed, founder & Group CEO of Aerodyne.
  • Aerodyne has managed more than 560,000 infrastructure assets with 458,058 flight operations, and surveyed over 380,000 km of power infrastructure across more than 40 countries globally.
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