Daily Markup #697: 500 Global doubles down on supporting startups at every stage of growth; actively hiring for 16 roles in Southeast Asia

Credit: 500 Global

Change the odds

  • Searching for the next big tech company? The Philippines and Malaysia could be home to the next wave of ambitious startups ready to change the odds and lives of millions of people.
  • Global Managing Partner of 500 Global Vishal Harnal said the Philippines is at an inflection point for growth, while Malaysia is the region’s unsung hero recounting how Grab, one of the largest tech companies in the region, was founded in Malaysia before relocating its headquarters to Singapore.
  • In the Philippines, Vishal is seeing a growing sophistication of technical talent and tech entrepreneurs. Lower cost of internet is also allowing technology to be more accessible to the country’s young, English-speaking population.
  • He added that the team will be actively looking for growth opportunities in these two markets, following the appointment of three new regional partners, Saemin Ahn, Shahril Ibrahim, and Martin Cu.
  • 500 Global has US$2.7 billion in assets under management, and has backed more than 340 startups across Southeast Asia over the last decade. 
  • “Now that we’ve cemented a reputation and expertise doing early-stage investing over the years, we’re now doubling down on moving up the stack and building out our growth capabilities in Southeast Asia to better serve founders and their needs as they evolve over time in the market,” Vishal shared.
  • On that note, we are ramping up hiring in Southeast Asia, and have 16 positions across Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Share this page with the most capable person you know, especially if you believe he/she deserves a career home and a mission worthy of their abilities.
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