Daily Markup #695: SepPure secures US$12M for green, reusable oil filtration solution that reduces our reliance on fuels

Credit: SepPure

Separating the bad from the good

  • As we move towards a more sustainable future, companies are reducing their reliance on gas and oil. This creates the demand for greener technology to replace current chemical separation and purification processes, which today account for up to 15% of our planet’s total energy consumption.
  • At the forefront of this revolution is 500-backed nanofiltration tech company SepPure, and the team secured US$12M in a Series A round led by SOSV, with participation from Anji Microelectronics, Real Tech Fund, Seeds Capital, EPS Ventures, and others.
  • The fresh funds will be used to complete the construction of SepPure’s first filter production facility in Singapore.
  • “As soon as we begin implementing our technology solutions at customer sites, we will quickly reach maximum capacity. In anticipation of growing demand for our modules, our team is already working on expansion plans,” said founder & CEO Mohammad Farahani.
  • So, what exactly does SepPure do? The team is on a mission to replace complex gas-based oil distillation, which is resource- and cost-intensive. Their solution: a membrane engineered to filter at the nanometer scale.
  • The team’s hollow-fiber nanofilter allows only certain molecules to pass through. SepPure’s technology offers an edge in durability and compactness.
  • “The beauty of what we’ve done is creating fibers to withstand harsh chemicals, high temperature, and high pressure,” he explained, adding that the company can filter the same amount of molecules in far less space.
  • Overall, Dr. Farahani estimates they could reduce the cost of producing 100,000 tons of oil in a year from around US$7.5M to about US$2M.
  • What’s more, used filter fibers that have been exhausted after a couple of years can be upcycled to create flame-retardant fabrics.
  • Congratulations to the SepPure team!
  • Read the full story on TechCrunch.


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