Daily Markup #660: Will Fan of NewCampus on building the next hundred-year-old brand and being authentic

Credit: e27

Will-power to succeed 

  • Building the next hundred-year-old brand that changes how people learn, work and live is what Co-founder, CEO & Head of School Will Fan of 500-backed edtech company NewCampus aims to achieve.
  • And when there’s a Will, there’s a way. Will’s team has reinvented management training, empowered over 15,000 students across Southeast Asia, China and the Middle East, as well as worked with scaleups, corporates and universities to make leadership development accessible and impactful. Behind the scenes, it took a lot for the company to get to where it is today.
  • “It’s taken my team and me almost eight years to build a repeatable flywheel,” he shared. “It took countless years of learning, from selling to universities to governments to consumers. It’s been rough, but I’m proud to say that the accelerator is here.”
  • How does he keep his team going? “One of my core philosophies, when it comes to the team, is bringing your most authentic self to the table, whether it’s at home or work. Finding authenticity may take you five, ten, or twenty years. Don’t rush it,” he said.
  • What keeps him motivated? “My driver is to design what modern leaders represent and how they should be nurtured over time,” he said. 
  • Read the full interview here.


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