Daily Markup #647: Virtualtech Frontier is on a mission to construct a trustworthy, functional metaverse, guided by 5 pillars

Credit: Blockchain Magazine

Redefining the building blocks of the metaverse

  • At a young age, Jason Low knew that working with technology was his calling. Over the last 7 years, he has been involved in making augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) technologies better.
  • His latest venture is 500-backed virtual development startup Virtualtech Frontier (VTF), born during the pandemic. The team’s recent growth step is developing for the metaverse.
  • But VTF doesn’t just offer virtualized 3D platforms. Jason, who is also the CEO, and his co-founders have a much bigger picture in mind. He believes that to construct a robust metaverse platform, it has to be held up by five critical pillars — gamification, social, education, work, and commerce.
  • The goal with this development strategy is to build a trustworthy metaverse platform. Guided by the five pillars, infusing a mix of social and digital economic aspects, would make the metaverse a truly functional system.
  • Looking to the future, Jason expects virtual reality and the metaverse to become a fundamental part of the public’s existence. Anyone will be able to participate in incredible virtual experiences, enabled by revolutionary immersive technologies such as haptic suits and kinetic gear.
  • However, the team knows that merely developing these technologies will not be sufficient. They want to make it affordable for every household and to become one of the largest suppliers of metaverse technology to all consumers.
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