Daily Markup #646: Transcelestial proves 5G connectivity at superfast speeds with wireless laser technology is possible

Credit: GSMA

Breaking boundaries

  • Is it possible to deliver 5G connectivity at 10Gbps using wireless laser communications (lasercomm) technology? 500-backed superfast Internet company Transcelestial has proven it is!
  • In collaboration with University of Technology Sydney (UTS Tech Lab) and two other partners, the team launched a new public 5G demonstration facility, showing that telco cell towers can run 5G via lasercomms. “We’re excited to be in conversation with telecom first-movers to explore opportunities to pioneer our technology locally and beyond,” said Chantra Hang, Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Country Manager for the company.
  • This is a gamechanger for billions around the world today who do not have access to quality Internet connectivity, despite many being just within 10km of the nearest fiber optic cable.
  • The main challenges with the traditional methods of distributing Internet? The cost and time required to roll out fiber cables or bandwidth limitations associated with RF (radio frequency) technology. But this will soon be a problem of the past, with Transcelestial’s shoebox-sized CENTAURI device that enables reliable, high capacity, low latent and highly secure communications.
  • “Solutions to the global Internet distribution challenge have been limited by infrastructure and hardware – today we’ve broken that ceiling,” said Mohammad Danesh, Co-Founder and CTO of Transcelestial. “Until now, most telecom and internet service providers could only rely on physical fibre connectivity as a solution to deliver 5G, everywhere. Transcelestial’s lasercomms technology gives us a viable alternative to connect our digital future and meet civilization’s long-term communication needs.”
  • Congratulations to the Transcelestial team!
  • Read the full story here.


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