Daily Markup #621: Top stories in October on over US$180M raised for fintech, e-commerce, insurtech, big data, web3, sustainable fashion, and more

There’s no denying we’re in bear territory, but that hasn’t stopped 500-backed startups in Indonesia, Singapore, and Hong Kong from successfully raising US$184M in October, including 500 Southeast Asia’s 6th unicorn, FinAccel. What’s more, 9 leaders from 500-backed startups were honored in the prestigious Tatler Asia Gen.T 2022 list. Congratulations to movers and shakers on an amazing October!

Credit: fauxels
  • FinAccel raises ~US$140M Series D and becomes 500 Southeast Asia’s 6th unicorn; looks beyond e-commerce and consumer credit
  • Una Brands secures US$30M to help more local brands in Asia Pacific grow their legacies globally
  • YAS secures US$4.5M to provide more Web3 insurance coverage; eyes Middle East
  • Monnai secures US$3.5M to power better decisions in fintech with deep consumer insights, and more from this week
  • Crewdible raises US$3.2M to take care of mundane tasks for small e-commerce businesses so they can focus on scaling up
  • AWST makes NFTs mainstream for brands; opening doors for more to join Web3 with US$1.7M funding
  • Mycotech Lab raises US$1.2M to scale up production of its sustainable leather-like material for the fashion industry
  • eFishery reels in US$32M loan from Bank DBS Indonesia; aims for 300% increase in production & expansion to 10 countries
  • Your Super acquired by The Healing Company and shares a vision to improve the quality of life for millions around the world
  • Tatler Asia Gen.T List 2022 has been announced! 9 leaders from 500-backed companies honored for shaping Asia’s future
  • Laka teams up with Porsche to launch fair micromobility insurance for cyclists in Germany
  • Christine Tsai joins Khazanah to explore where technology can unlock the greatest impact, and the role of key players for innovation
  • Khailee Ng on how 500 Global picks out diamonds in the rough to reveal the global potential of Southeast Asian startups
  • Vishal Harnal on Tatler Asia — trends guiding his next investments, must-have qualities of VCs, and failure
  • Zenysis leverages data to fight polio disease in Pakistan
  • Why LottieFiles chose to set up in Malaysia, how the team secured 100K+ clients globally
  • Mapan’s 3M users is only just the beginning — the company wants to empower more Indonesians to make better financial decisions
  • StoreHub team sets their sights on achieving net profitability while empowering small retail and F&B businesses in SE Asia to grow

Other stories you may have missed this month:

  • eFishery teamed up with agri fintech lender iGrow to help fish farmers access loans
  • First Circle grants first loan to Internet of Things company without interest under a program aimed at helping high-potential small and medium enterprises get access to financing
  • Laka featured on ITC Europe’s list of 10 insurtech startups to watch out for in 2023 and beyond


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