Daily Markup #3: Business as unusual

Getting things done.

Are VCs still open for business?

  • According to dot.LA, it all started with a social experiment surveying investor activity amidst the Covid-19 outbreak. The experiment blew up and the result?
  • Out of 150 responses, only two investors said they were not writing cheques.
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash
  • The survey echoes a commentary piece on Forbes saying “deals are happening”.
  • At 500 Durians, we are still meeting with founders, except with our custom Zoom background wallpapers.

Hiring continues too

  • Still hiring in the midst of the pandemic? You’ve probably resorted to video interviews and virtual onboarding.
  • In this Fast Company piece, you’ll know just how companies are going about hiring and how you can adopt some of these practices for new talents.
  • Get used to them. It might just be the new status quo.

Accelerator business as unusual

  • With a fully-functioning VC/founder Slack experience built in a matter of weeks and over 1,600 VCs sign-ups, the #500DigitalDemoDay was a success.
Credit: 500 Startups
  • Besides, 500 Startups is also scrapping its cohort model for accelerating companies and moving to a rolling admissions process.
  • This new method gives entrepreneurs the flexibility on when and how they join. But how exactly does it work?
  • Aaron Blumenthal, the Director of Global Portfolio Services, explains in detail in a blog post.

Meme life goes on

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  • Memes are the 21st-century coping mechanism, And in the Covid-19 age, they’re evolving into educational and encouraging PSAs.
  • Vox outlines a brief timeline of Covid-19 memes. From washing your hands to the tune of your favorite song to dancing on TikTok.
  • This is one of the more popular ones.

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