Daily Markup #587: Cargobase builds the world’s first Autonomous Transport Management System to help businesses go digital affordably

Credit: Cargobase

The best package in logistics

  • Amid ongoing global supply chain challenges, more businesses are looking to go fully digital with their shipping processes. However, cost and user-friendliness are the most commonly cited reasons stopping them from taking the next step.
  • Teams facing this challenge will be happy to hear that 500-backed logistics tech company Cargobase is building the world’s first Autonomous TMS (Transport Management System)!
  • A fully autonomous TMS is able to intelligently navigate all processes, possibilities, and permutations of daily logistics supply chain transport management, powered by rich data.
  • “Autonomous TMS is the future of Supply Chain Intelligence. In an ideal world, every company has a system in place that automates their supply chain, while human effort is channeled towards managing exceptions,” said Founder & CEO Wiebe Helder.
  • Cargobase is currently ranked #6 out of 184 TMS solutions worldwide, delivering cost savings and business success to Fortune 500 companies across 55 countries.
  • “We are currently at the final steps to start our next growth plan, which includes a fresh capital injection, a new office in Mexico, and triplication of our headcount,” Wiebe added.
  • Read the full announcement here.


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