Daily Markup #583: Horangi provides round-the-clock cybersecurity muscle for banking app serving digital natives

Credit: Horangi

The guard of your treasure trove 

  • Convenience is a must when it comes to banking today, but with scammers and hackers often thinking one step ahead to get access to your hard-earned money and personal data, security is a non-negotiable feature.
  • That’s why Bank Islam partnered with 500-backed cybersecurity firm Horangi to develop Be U, a fully cloud-native digital banking application for the younger, digital-first generation.
  • Horangi provided its flagship cloud security platform, Warden, to help Bank Islam overcome security challenges, and achieve faster go-to-market launch.
  • Warden provides ongoing security and compliance monitoring of multiple public cloud infrastructures like AWS, GCP, Azure, Huawei, and Alibaba Cloud.
  • “Compliance and regulations play a vital role in safeguarding a customer’s information. It is even more critical when a fintech organization wants to market with a cloud-native digital banking app like Be U. Horangi aims to enable more organizations and help fintech in its compliance journey. Looking ahead, we want to help our customers stay protected 24/7 and continue to evolve Warden to be an all-in-one cloud security solution,” said Paul Hadjy, Co-founder & CEO of Horangi.
  • Read the full announcement here.


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