Daily Markup #450: GoGet launches savings plan for gig workers; abillion becomes only social media platform to offer shares to users; NewCampus takes on the challenge of building a learning culture

Credit: GoGet

Building a safety net

  • 500-backed on-demand work platform GoGet is collaborating with the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) to launch an integrated savings program.
  • With self-employment in Malaysia on the rise, the program aims to serve as a formal retirement plan to protect gig workers on the platform.
  • GoGet will be the first of such platforms in the country to include EPF contribution features that are integrated and customizable.
  • Users will have the flexibility of adjusting their contribution rates or opt out of the program at any point.
  • Read the full article in The Edge Markets.

Credit: abillion

Having a stake in sustainability

  • Fresh off its US$10 million funding round in December, 500-backed sustainability platform abillion just announced its next big step: launching the Community Equity program.
  • Founder and CEO Vikas Garg told Channel News Asia that this means abillion members can use the US$1 they earn from reviewing a product on its platform to own shares in the startup.
  • Prior to the launch, the US$1 was credited to users as part of a rewards program. It can be donated to any of the non-profit organizations supported by the startup. Vikas believes this move will supercharge abillion’s donation program.
  • “To be a truly sustainable company, we must nurture our community,” he said. “So we’re becoming the first and only social media platform in the world where our community is being given a stake in the future we’re all working so hard together to create.”
  • Watch the full interview on Channel News Asia.

Credit: Jason Goodman on Unsplash

Tapping into new ways of learning

  • “When we talk about ‘building a learning culture’…in the world of hypergrowth and scale ups, there’s no formula, there’s no playbook. There lies the challenge,” says Will Fan, co-founder and CEO of 500-backed NewCampus.
  • The startup is seeking to address the fragmented learning pathways in Southeast Asia. He believes leaders in the region are beginning to recognize that developing people skills will help organizations scale in a sustainable way.
  • According to Will, NewCampus is part of the frontier of reimagining learning. “The way that we are delivering learning can be a lot more creative and accessible, especially when you can significantly reduce the cost of access both in price and by time,” he shares.
  • Read the full interview here.


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