Daily Markup #427: Christine Tsai’s VC predictions for 2022; Carsome new outdoor, geotagged ads are more relevant to audience; Neuron Mobility brings e-scooters & e-bikes to more cities

Credit: Bloomberg

An evolution in investing

  • As consumer needs evolve amid a global pandemic, the tech world is adapting to meet those needs. Christine Tsai, CEO and founding partner of 500 Global, writes that this shift has created opportunities for entrepreneurs to build world-class companies.
  • What trends will emerge in the world of VC investment in 2022? Christine shares three predictions:
    • A new iteration of the World Wide Web based on blockchain – or web3 – that prioritizes trust, ownership, and a more direct relationship between buyers and sellers. Christine writes that this allows for innovation to be borderless.
    • The rise of underestimated founders who grow unicorns “under the radar and get virtually no buzz for years, but deliver high valuations and even better multiples for investors”.
    • US-based venture firms will expand their presence in more emerging markets. One such market is Asia, which saw a 50% jump in venture funding to US$165 billion in 2021 from 2020.
  • Read the full article by Christine on TechCrunch. Registration may be required.

Credit: Carsome

Revving into the future of advertising

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  • 500-backed Carsome has adopted one of the market’s first programmatic digital out-of-home (pDOOH) advertising services.
  • Carsome Chief Brand Officer Derek Tan said, “Through this highly innovative advertising technology, Carsome can create impactful communication and amplify our peace of mind message to offline markets, now also powered by data,” said Tan.
  • A fleet of 50 cars has been equipped with digital toppers that feature customizable geotagged ads. According to a statement, each vehicle is GPS-tracked, with reporting conducted on location-based exposure through a user-friendly platform.
  • The campaign is in collaboration with ENOMAD, a proprietary software by outdoor advertising service Seni Jaya Corporation Berhad.
  • Read the full press release here.

Credit: Concrete Playground

Peddling safety and mobility

  • E-scooters and e-bikes by 500-backed Neuron Mobility continue to expand into new markets.
  • In Australia, the startup has been selected for Victoria’s first metropolitan e-scooter trials, with 750 e-scooters set for deployment in three cities. Riders will have access to Australia’s first third-party rider liability insurance, launched earlier this month.
  • Frankston, a suburb in Victoria, has just begun a 12-month trial of 150 pedal-assisted e-bikes. Neuron’s e-bikes are equipped with the same safety features as its e-scooters, such as the world’s first app-controlled helmet-lock, topple detection, an emergency button, and voice guidance.
  • In neighboring New Zealand, Hamilton became the first city in the country to welcome Neuron’s e-bikes alongside an existing fleet of e-scooters.



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